The User Experience (UX) extends beyond the UI

First Impressions

How does your UX strike people the first time they interact with you (and sometimes even before they interact with you).

  • Your Website This one is so obvious that I don’t talk much more about it.
  • App Store Descriptions The challenge here is: Can you convey the absolute key reason your app should be downloaded in six screens or less”? Our UX designers work closely with the product owners to fine-tune the screenshots (or pseudo screenshots with key messaging) that appear in the App Store (or Play Store) descriptions.
  • Onboarding For apps, this is a crucial component. Do you need a quick, clever way to describe your app to someone who has just downloaded it? Don’t expect the person to know what your app does just because they downloaded it.
  • The OG Tags What your users see when your app or webpage gets shared or when it appears in Google searches. This, often, is the first impression potential new users will get about your app or service. Make sure this is designed well and it leads people to the right point of engagement on your website.

The UX of the App

  • How to represent information hierarchies?
  • How much content is optimal for certain descriptions?
  • When to use certain callouts or alerts?
  • Types of calls-to-action and their representations.

Other Touchpoints



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