Successful businesses, especially startups, are often a result of successful decision-making.

Business decision-making is not as simple as ‘Let’s just take this path and see where it goes.’ It is a process of solving problems by weighing evidence, examining alternatives, and choosing a path from there. …

If you are someone who runs a business, leads an emerging startup, works at a managerial position, or are experimenting with a new idea, you will agree that the one thing in common is the tendency to maximize innovation and growth with optimal yet pocket-friendly services at your disposal.


By Amit Yadav, Sr. Engineer, DevOps at Ignite Solutions

Here’s our step-by-step how-to guide to deploying Kafka Connect on Kubernetes for connecting Kafka to external systems.

Kubernetes (K8s) is one of the most famous open-source projects and it is being continuously adapted. Kafka is an open-source stream-processing software platform that…

By Arkaprabha Dey, UX Designer at Ignite Solutions

We had three key objectives for our user experience (UX): the daily-use tool had to be simple, fast, and delightful. And we achieved this with a mix of empathy and design thinking.

As a company that routinely practices our design thinking methodology

Here’s how we used AWS Cognito’s authorizer to enable users to have developer API access restricted to their user data using Client Id/Secret

By Aditya Bhowsingka, Sr. Software Engineer at Ignite Solutions

We are building a SaaS product where users may request API access to our product’s services. This would enable users who want to build custom capabilities to access and leverage our APIs via an authenticated, authorized, and controlled access mechanism.


By Anand Shah, Founder at Ignite Solutions

A tech stack is the set of languages, tools, frameworks, and utilities that are used in the development and management of a software system.

Tech stacks provide a glimpse of a product’s philosophy and architectural approach. …

By Amit Yadav, Sr. Engineer, DevOps at Ignite Solutions

This great quote by Epictetus teaches us a lot about reliability. And it hits the nail on the head when it comes to DevOps. Case in point: setting up multi-regional clusters to safeguard the reliability of your microservices.

You can’t rely…

By The UX Team at Ignite Solutions

Great ideas make great businesses, so if you’ve just had your million-dollar spark, congratulations! So, what’s next? As we’re sure you are aware, taking a product to market is complex: your idea needs to be fully conceptualized, tested, refined, built, launched, marketed, and…

The UX is defined as how a user feels about engaging with your brand, before their first interaction, during all their interactions, and what they take away after their interactions. Do we end up delighting the user, leave them feeling, or do we let them down?

The UX design of…

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